Why pursue artifice when you can have the real thing?


Have you ever picked a blueberry straight from a bush in the middle of a Michigan summer? Patter grew up in those patches, and there’s nothing better. We believe that Mother Nature had it right. Fruit is perfect just the way it is- no brown rice syrup, agave, cane sugar, honey, juice, or oil necessary. All of the sugars in our Patterbars are naturally occurring from the whole fruits, nuts, and seeds listed in the ingredients. It’s our job to perfect the ratio in which all of these wonderful flavors mingle and we don’t need to dilute them any added sugars- especially when they taste so wonderful, as is.


We don’t want to have to tell you what an isolate or an isotope is in reference to your food. We don’t know. We don’t want to. Food is best when it is at it’s simplest- closest to the way it came out of the ground.

“A lot of what you see in the supermarket I would argue is not really food. It’s what I call edible, food-like substances.”
— Michael Pollen

If you consume a well-balanced diet, full of pure whole, real foods substitutes, additives, binders, and fillers become superfluous. Why add in alternatives when you can have the real thing? Despite what anyone says, we know that our dried Michigan blueberries with no “natural flavors”, added sugar, juice, or oil taste just like the real thing- because they are the real thing. No substitutions necessary.