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Pure whole food tastes better just as it is:

no highly-processed hi-jinks here. SPREAD THE WORD.


Our bars

Processed ingredients commonly remove water content and fiber, removing satiety which not only satisfies you but makes you feel fuller longer. The body reacts to whole foods differently than to isolated vitamins or derivatives. Whole foods have a synergistic effect complementing each other and boosting how well body can effectively absorb and use their nutrients.

We use only the purest, very best ingredients in patterbars. That means raw, whole cashews, almonds and walnuts from California. Montmorency cherries and dried blueberries from Michigan. Sweet, rich, and moist Medjool dates from California. Unsweetened unsulphured coconut (just when you thought unsweetened was sufficient, you discover sulfur is added as a preservative). We insist upon no sugar, no oil, and no juice added to our dried fruit. It's really pretty simple: if your grandmother wouldn't recognize it, we won't use it.

The only way to get the very best bar is to treat each individual ingredient with the utmost respect.  That means hand-pitting the Medjool dates. Roasting all of our own nuts, without oil, to ensure the freshest and nuttiest flavor. Making all of our own nut butters, with nothing but our freshly toasted nuts. Toasting our own seeds and coconut. Juicing the lemons, zesting the rinds, and hand-grating the ginger. Once all of our ingredients have been tended to, we combine them for the perfect taste. Each bar is handcrafted, packaged, and shipped to order.


No lab-created ingredients, nutritional enhancers, protein boosters, preservatives, additives, fillers extracts or artificial anything. Just food.